I’m not sure how I missed the greatest event in human history, but apparently I did. This must’ve happened during that weekend I was abducted by the Invid, anally probed, and had my mind erased of all things awesome — cos that’s the only way to explain how in hell I didn’t know about this giant, full-size Gundam robot erected in Odaiba island’s Shiokaze Park in Tokyo. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam series, the giant Earth defender was finished and unveiled to the public last month.

I must’ve been in Nerd Hibernation.

As you can see, it’s super detailed and functional…well, its head moves up and down and sideways, and apparently steam comes out if its chest. Ok, so if a superior alien race ever did attack this would be about as useful as that dinosaur that eats cars at the demolition derby. Still, even if it is just a gigantic statue, the thing is bonkers ill. (Btw, is it weird that hearing the Japanese theme songs reminds me of Oreo cookies, milk, and my childhood couch?)

Of course, being Japan they’re not happy with just having ONE giant robot more than us yankees, so they’re now hard at work building another giant robot replica — this time of Gigantor, aka Tetsujin, in Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park. Weighing over 50 tons and standing at 60 feet, Gigantor should be done sometime this October.

Gigantor being built…


A bunch more pics, as well as videos of detailed close-up  and the Gundam being built after the Jump…

Close-ups of the hyper detailing involved…

…and it being built…


Gigantor when finished…



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