30 Jul
Art, Music, Design and Free Booze...All night long!


Well, it’s with great surprise and gratitude that we announce that the list for our Lost In a Supermarket Launch Party is now closed! The response was utterly amazing and beyond our expectations, which leads me to believe that the denizens of LA are:

A) rich arbiters of well-appointed tastes

B) appreciators of design, art, fashion and music in all its genre-bending formats

C) boozehounds looking for a spot to sip top shelf vodka and slam shots of premium mezcal while searching for Liberace’s ghost

D) all of the above

If you’ve already RSVP’d and you’re in, congrats — we’ll see you soon! PLEEEEEASE tho keep it quiet and orderly outside before coming in, and for the love of all that’s holy keep it quiet on your way out — the neighborhood’s already called 2 sets of cops on us and we’ll be on a VERY short lease (True Story: Vice Cops already came up poking around the PBR). For those who didn’t make it, fret not the Lost In a Supermarket Autumn Spectacular is only 3 short months away!

If you were lost in a supermarket, what aisle would we find you in…?

Hit the Jump for a rundown of our sponsors…


You may have heard, Icelandic water is some of purest this planet has to offer. Now consider the fact that one of Iceland’s most luxury brands, IS (pronounced ice), gets their pristine natural ingredient from a part of Eastern Iceland known as “Beautiful Valley” and is then 7-times distilled. Sounds like unprecedented purity to me. My palate is excited just thinking about it. So yea, we’re a bit excited that we can offer our peeps exceptional things like this.


You know that bottle of mezcal that tastes as a good as that worm looks sitting at the bottom of the bottle? I do. You know what else I know? Metl 2012 is the opposite that. Metl takes the handcrafted, perfectionist approach—age-old organic practices and made with only 100% Pure Agave. This is the top rated Mezcal in my book.


I drink a lot of IZZE (pronounced ih-zee, btw). Probably too much. But then again, it’s made from 70% pure fruit juice, and 30% seltzer water. And they don’t much it up by adding refined sugars, or caffeine, or any artificial ingredients for that matter.


If you’re actually reading this blurb in order to find out what PBR is, you’re no longer invited to this party. Really. Might sound mean and all, but I doubt you’d have a good time anyway.


Puma has pretty much been a staple in my closet since back when moms was still picking out my clothes for the day. What can I say, I like their style. I like my style… when rocking their style.

Big thanks for all the folks that are supporting this launch event…

No Responses to “Lost In A Supermarket: List Closed!”

  1. Well!!!! can’t really miss this one….


  2. Bill Caton says:

    Bam Bam

  3. Dave Vernick says:

    Is there a helipad on the roof?

  4. Jimmy Cao says:

    Here you go! L.A L.A, you finally got it with this one, ingredients will be there, cocktails will be explosives. You got me, i am going to start going out again.

  5. Nikki Palace says:

    there with bells

  6. of course i’ll be there! woo hoo!
    hollar bitches it’s LIBERACE TIME!!!

  7. Curtis Cowart says:

    Metl tequilla is scrumptious.

  8. Sandy Hawley says:

    I’m shotgunnin a PBR with Stetcher!!

  9. dirtie b says:

    Can’t wait to play some tunes!

  10. do u how says:

    i’m coming in, for the people, the art, the music and the icelandic vodka.

  11. John McGuinness says:

    sounds fun, i’m there

  12. Rachel Zelaya says:

    RSVP + 1 for Friday, 8/7

  13. victor wilde says:

    you ready to skate or dye?

  14. Marcella Garate S. says:

    RSVP +1 please

  15. ricky rocket says:

    oh fuck yea!

  16. ryan franks says:

    me + 4

  17. Ryan Cusack says:

    rsvp + 1

  18. alie mccandless says:

    rsvp+ 4

  19. Bonnie says:

    rsvp + 7

  20. Nikki Palace says:

    Sorry – if you didn’t RSVP before the list closed, you’re name will not be on the list. RSVP list closes at 10pm. Hard tickets will only be allowed entry after 10pm.

  21. […] As you know, Friday night we hosted the Lost In a Supermarket Launch Party at Liberace’s penthouse along with design collective Le Branché. We were totally overwhelmed by the RSVP response and had to shut the list down on Friday morning. Unsurprisingly, we were stormed at the gates come party time! Many more of you than we expected heeded our “get there early” mantra, the result of which was a packed sidewalk half an hour before opening. In the end, 400 people walked through our door over 3 hours, and many more were  left stranded outside. We TRULY apologize to all those friends and guests we couldn’t allow entry, but we had the owner of the building guarding the elevator up with a off duty cop. Long story short, no one else was getting in! […]

  22. […] you may or may not know, we hosted a little launch party a few weeks back at Liberace’s penthouse along with our good friends at design collective Le […]

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