20 Jul
The Extremes Of The Arctic Wilderness Is The Launching Point


When it comes to utilitarian basics, Nom de Guerre is easily one of my favorite brands. Their aesthetic is all around smart—be it in fashion, art, graphic design, right down to the experience you have walking into their store. They worry about the details.

Oki Ni just up collection number nine for preorder. Peep the goods here. The A/W collection uses the extremes of the Arctic wilderness as its launching point. Olive drab and khaki are crucial components of the collection; gray and black serve to accent these base colors and signify polar night. The sweaters in the collection are made of heavy spun wool and feature thick shawl collars and hoods designed to fight bitter temperatures. Wool plaid field shirts and pale grey, formal cotton oxfords add structure to the collection. It’s a uniform for survival. Unfortunately, the inspirations for this season “The extremes of the arctic wilderness” don’t mean much to people living in LA.

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