11 Jul
A Slice Of Tokyo’s Underground Music Scene


Scoring a piece of Crue-l vinyl is a treat for all the hunters and gathers in this world not living in Tokyo. The imprint has been around for a minute—they’re rooted in the ‘90s Shibuya-kei scene (a reference to the pop movement), think artists like, Cornelius, Kahimi Karie and The Love Tambourines, Pizzicato 5. Here’s their discog. I first heard of the label, though, due to peeps like DJ Harvey, the Idjut Boys and Lindstrom doing remixes and collaborations. The owner Takemi Kenji gets mad respect for a label with no worldwide distribution. That’s why this caught my eye, Oki Ni has just teamed up with the label. That makes Oki Ni one of the few stockists outside Japan. If you haven’t peeped the fashion sites music side of things, take a look. I like how they’re expanding their music content by digging into the Tokyo underground music scene right now. I’m feeling Stoned Green Apples. Here’s a few tracks on sale at Oki Ni and a video I found on YouTube. Also check their releases by COS/MES, an up-and-coming Japanese “cosmic” production outfit and the C.O.M.B.I stuff.

Stoned Green Apples, “Peter Pan” (Luger E-go RMX)

Stoned Green Apples, “Sugar K” (Yura Yura Teikoku RMX)

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