9 Jul
Black Lips x King Khan x BBQ Man Mark Sultan


Remember when Black Lips were thrown outta India for being gay? Apparently, after fleeing said country, Black Lips headed to Berlin, Germany and ended up making some sweet, sweet music with King Khan and Mr. BBQ man Mark Sultan. That might not sound too innocent, but you know what does…The Almighty Defenders. It’s raw and all the more charming for it. Peep, “Bow Down and Die”. This is what it sounds like when you get drunk in your garage with a few talented buddies and make music you love…it sounds like you love doing it. Hurray for guiltless music. Look for the new album on Vice at the end of September.

Bow Down and Die

Here’s a video for their first ever live performance. They now have a new fan over here at LIAS.

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