1 Jul
Sophisticated Satire At Its Finest


I love Madison Avenue. Not the street that houses the bulk of the American advertising industry—I’m talking about the Sydney based designer Dan Flanagan. In a world where everything is available for purchasing, money is God, brands are religion and the consumer wears the diamond studded crown, Dan Flanagan is a sarcastic knight in shinny armor—and he’s packing some serious wit too. As much as we’re all told that we can consume our way out of this mess, it’s nice to see folks like this guy addressing the gloomy affects of consumerism, mass culture and advertising has on us. Humans devour, it’s what we do—but we shouldn’t be defined by our ability to consume. If only we all had a pair of sunglasses like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper rocked on John Carpenters film They Live. Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it—just think about it before you buy into it. It’s all about your depth of perception. To learn more about The Consumer™ go here.


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