29 Jul
The Small Lebowski on a Light Bike


The first look at Tron Legacy was shown last week at Comic Con, and I gotta say I’m not totally enamored by what they got so far. In the original TRON, the computer-like landscape was revolutionary, and created a world unlike any kid had ever seen…outside of an Intellivision cartridge graphic, that is. But nowadays, this shiny glowy ultra clean digital look has been aped by everyone from cheap sci fi TV shows to breakfast cereals, so unless they got a good storyline this could tire fast.

On its side, however, is the fact that A) it’s gonna be in 3D (like seemingly all big budget movies from this day forth); and B) it stars the Small Lebowski as the villian; and C) the fact that Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack. Robots orchestrating robots…at the very least should make for a dazzling 99 minute music video…

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