14 Aug
Mint Select kicks multifunctional gadgets in the balls by bringing it back to basics


If you’re a digital digger like I am, you’re fully aware that the interweb is jammed with product concepts (most of which remain in the idea stage) by folks with varying degrees of talent. Unfortunately somewhere along the way designers stopped thinking about technology as a way to simplify our lives and instead started jamming as many functions into a gadget as possible. Cell phones, MP3 players, cameras… Multi-functionality has completely replace practicality. At the end of the day new products should be comfortable and easy to use—not difficult to understand or impossible to master. Mint Pass kicks multifunctional gadgets in the balls with Used as Read” by bringing it back to basics—typography as a design. Each individual component is stackable or can be set side-by-side. Genius. These guys are the kings of concept. If you like this idea definitely take a look through all their concepts.


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