10 Aug
The street art king of juxtaposition takes over an entire museum


Banksy is supposedly from Bristol, but as nobody really knows who he is (I have friends that claim to know — I call bullshit on them), then we can’t really tell if he is from Bristol, can we? He essentially took over the entire museum, warping and playing with paintings and exhibits or straight up defacing them (like the one with his ubiquitous rat rolling paint over a Damien Hirst spot painting… awesome…). I also like the lion statue which he twisted to look like the lion ate its trainer. But since no one can know who he is, they just shut down the whole museum for 4 days and told all the employees they were filming. Very sneaky, sis.

The BBC has a nice slideshow for the exhibition which is currently running from June 13 till August 31. Do you live in the UK? Like any part of it whatsoever? Then you should motivate your rice-paper-white ass over to Bristol and check it out. I mean the whole country’s the size of Pennsylvania, right? How hard could it be to get there…

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