28 Aug
bike messengers, bike-shop employees and assorted cycling enthusiasts prepare for battle


Apparently the game (sport?) of Bicycle Polo is popular enough to demand a “World Championship.” Well, it is the first annual get together, so “World Championship” is basically the equivalent of me putting CEO on my Lost In A Supermarket business card. Nevertheless, after watching the video below it’s impossible not to be intrigued. I guess bike messengers, bike-shop employees, and assorted cycling enthusiasts, have a little sport they like to play when enjoying some downtime. Seriously though, it’s not really like me putting CEO on my card (that’s 100% dickhead right there), these guys are actually encouraging something healthy and positive and good. And it looks pretty fun. The Hardcourt Bicycle Polo World Championship will go down on September 5th – 6th, at the Cohox Recreation Center In Philadelphia, PA. They even got the City of Philadelphia’s Recreation Department to host the event. Stimulus money, perhaps? Read more about it over at the Hardcourt website.

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  1. Doug D says:

    This is not the first. It happened last year (2008) in Toronto and the year before in Dublin.

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