20 Aug
2000 Euros Is The Only Thing Keeping My Ass From This Carbon Fiber Seat


The Swiss don’t have too many err moments when it comes to furniture design. Example right here. This is how Basel, Switzerland-based furniture brand Laisr announced their presence to the world. The company, created and owned by Torgny Fjeldskaar and Javier Alberich, is all about hand-made, high-tech furniture, that’s made to last. These limited versions, dubbed “Motorsport”, if you’re not picking up on the aesthetic, are inspired by paintjobs of classic racecars. Steve McQueen (above), Sandro Munari and Walter (Hernández? Cronkite? Yes, that Cronkite—the Internet tells me that he was an aspiring race driver and was apparently quite talented.). These limited versions, designed by Torgny Fjeldskaar, who also happens to design high-end bicycles for Cannondale, borrowed on the bike industry’s manufacturing process. The six hollow molded carbon fiber elements are interconnected by compression molded carbon fiber lugs in high-stress areas. A technique that not only makes for a highly optimized structure and extremely lightweight, it also offers manufacturing flexibility and a distinctive appearance. Charlie Meadows is the car nut over here, but even I’m freaking over these. 2000 Euros is literally the only thing keeping my ass from this carbon fiber seat.

“Sandro” (below)


“Walter” (below)


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  1. jakob says:

    very good looking chair, wow. i would like to know if is available and the price. plz advice. j

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