21 Aug
The next sci-fi champion?


Have you seen this movie? If not, buy your ticket today little nerdling. Other than the posters I had zero idea what this film was about, and that’s exactly the way to see it. Best movie of the summer…why couldn’t someone give this guy Transformers??? Peter Jackson has absolutely struck gold with South African director Neill Blomkamp — he could be everything that Michael Bay and Bret Rattner aren’t…which is a lot. Have you seen any of his early short films – the ones that got him this gig? Peep them below, they are dope, especially Third World Robocop. Blomkamp was slated to direct Halo till the film got bogged down in legal morass, but in the end if District 9 was the result then I really couldn’t give a shit.

We could be at the beginning of a beautiful career. If you like Robocop below, hit the Jump for a bunch more flicks, including a Halo tease, the short film that District 9 was based on, and Blomkamp’s early Citroen ad…you know you wanna…

Third World Robocop

…and Alive In Joburg, the test film for what became District 9

And this is what Halo would look like, if the suits could get their stupid act together and let this one roll film…

…and Yellow

…and apparently the Citroen C4 Alive With Technology ad that started it all for him…

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