24 Aug
World’s First Man-Machine Hybrid Motorcycle


Berliner Stefan Gulas has designed the eROCKIT, which he claims to be the world’s first Man-Machine Hybrid Motorcycle. It essentially functions like a regular bicycle, but its power is embellished by its proprietary motor. From the website:

Everything about eROCKIT’s general handling comes from the common bicycle. From using the pedals to accelerate and ride the vehicle, to the rear and front wheel brakes, whose handles are positioned in natural locations on the left and right handlebars. The revolutionary propulsion system is based on muscle force multiplication and delivers comparable power to a regular motorcycle. This is possible due to the proprietary eROCKIT electronics monitoring the driver’s muscular effort and multiplying it by a factor of up to 50. The multiplied force is then transmitted to the rear wheel propelling the eROCKIT to a top speed of up to 80 kph (50 mph).

So the faster one peddles the faster the 12 horsepower electric motor rotates. If you don’t pedal, it won’t move at all — but when you do, top speed is a zippy 50 mph, “allowing cyclists to cover longer distances at much faster speeds with zero emissions.” Not bad at all. Gulas is planning a limited series of ten production bikes before the end of 2009, which will (hopefully) eventually lead into large-scale production.

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