26 Aug
The Contemporary Art of Art Recycling


Gotta give it up to Swiss company Freitag for doing the recycled fashionables thing long before most of us discovered the inconvenient truth about what we’re doing to this planet. If you’re not familiar, their “raw materials” are old truck tarpaulins, seat belts, bicycle inner tubes and airbags—all stuff that is literally tough as hell—into bags and accessories. Thing is, like a lotta folks trying to turn trash into treasure, their shit doesn’t look like new crap fashioned from old crap. Damn Swiss and their acutely quality-conscious ways. Always insisting on things like superlative design and functionality.

I just came across these limited art edition bags they’re in the midst of. Rather than using the previously mentioned raw material, they’re literally using art. These bags are made from banners from some of the world’s most notiable museums: Tate Modern in London, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Palazzo Grassi in Venice and MoCA in Los Angeles. The series launched on Thursday Aug 6 with Tate Modern in London. MoCA is the last bag in the series and will go on sale tomorrow. All the bags are super limited (numbers vary), so it’s first come first serve. You still might be able to score a bag from one of the previous museums.




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