31 Aug
Uncomfortable mentions of sex, a high level of embarrassing anecdotes about childhood behavior and plenty of judgmental comments...what are moms for?


Three things that are guaranteed to be funny are monkeys doing human things, babies doing grown-up things and parents and grandparents doing technological things. This entry isn’t about Lancelot Link DVD box-sets or the E*TRADE baby, but about our lovable, fumbling elders. Strap a Wiimote to your mom’s wrist and watch hilarity ensue. Give Nana an iPhone and commence giggling. Advanced technology can prove challenging to those advanced in age. The Postcards From Yo Momma website mines comic gold with user-submitted emails from their mothers (emails likely sent from mom’s snazzy AOL account). We love our mothers but sometimes they are soooo lame. This entry is typical: “Since some ‘older’ folks (i.e. your mother) read the web, you must bear with my ignorance on this question: is Puffy the same person as Sean Combs?” This reads less like an email from your mom than the ramblings of some alien species desperately trying to acclimate to Earth’s culture. You’ll find uncomfortable mentions of sex, a high level of morbidity (“Be sure and take some kind of ID so if your plane crashes and burns they will know who to call.”), embarrassing anecdotes about childhood behavior and plenty of judgmental comments about current professional and personal choices. Who needs to go home for Thanksgiving when you can just visit this site?

Or just buy the book. Here’s a little trailer for it…


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