14 Aug
The pocket urinal for men


It is a rite of passage, a tradition handed down from father to son. It is a staple of popular culture, having been featured in movies such as Dumb & Dumber and television shows such as The Office. It is something I myself did when I was five years old, on the way home from watching a performance of Peter Pan on Broadway (which starred my third favorite entertainer with a glass eye, Sandy Duncan). I’m speaking of course of urinating in a car. Whether you’re behind the wheel or bumping along in the back seat, peeing in a car is a challenging assignment. It requires control (the ability to stop and start; the ability to not dribble) and dexterity (the ability to switch containers; the ability to not spill; the ability to not cut the tip of your penis on the aluminum tab). Roadbag turns this challenging assignment into a piece of urine-drenched cake. The hole at the top of the bag is wide enough to support the most John Holmes-ian of members, and the polymer crystals inside the bag solidify the urine so there’s zero risk of spillage. I’m all for progress, but a part of me feels sad for all the future generations who’ll never christen their dads’ new floormats.

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