11 Aug
New York city director and photographer Unveils New Project In Tokyo


I think I might have given Timothy Saccenti his first published editorial (around 1992, The Chemical Brothers perhaps) at the magazine I was editing a while back. By no means am I claiming to have started his career. It was more right place, right time…for me. Seriously, guy has so much amount of raw talent; time was the only thing standing in his way. Whether it’s a grimy alley or a highly controlled studio environment I don’t think I’ve seen an image by him where I haven’t been completely sucked in to his esoteric world. He knows how to walk a tightrope. It’s intellectual, it’s disturbing—it completely monopolizes your brain. At least it does for me.

If you happen to be in Toyko anytime between August 14 and November 8, hit up the Diesel Denim Gallery (6-3-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku) in the Aoyama district. “Garden Of Unearthly Delights” is Timothy’s first solo exhibition. It’s based on the story that Tim has been writing around meaning, existence and purpose. It revolves around a simple creature meandering through life in darkness, believing itself to be the only object in existence. When the creature sees a mask lying in the darkness, it gains knowledge of time and space. Experiencing a moment that is different from the last sets one event apart from the next. Sensing a figure independent from its own movement allows the creature to understand its size in relation to the world and to other things. Putting the mask on, the creature loses its blindness and sees a symbol in the sky representing purpose. The creature follows a path reminiscent of life toward the symbol in the sky. In a clearing below the light, a tree sits making an allusion to the tree of Life. In its branches hangs a strange pod: a seed of life. A pregnant creature emerges from the darkness and performs a mating ritual with the first creature. A child is born from the creature’s realization of a perfect counterpart and an affinity towards the tree and the fruit. The desire of the creatures and the need to fulfill a purpose begets the image of new life. As the child is born, the creatures become immune to gravity representing a contended resolution to their life and purpose.

Like I said, get ready to be sucked in to his esoteric world…a few beautiful detailed images after the Jump…

Here’s a promo video he made for the show:


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