29 Sep
Calling all fashion students, historians of dress and lovers of men's clothes


Being a fashion designer has got to be a stressful game. You always have to be on the next shit to stay relevant. What other industry is constantly reinventing itself year and year. Men’s fashion is definitely more functional and not as crazy as the ladies, but there is a rich history to look back on. And that’s what fashion historian Cally Blackman did with 100 Years of Menswear. From practical to peacock an array of styles are presented via rarely-seen photographs and illustrations. Hollywood style icons, artist personalities of the 1930s, the impact of Pierre Cardin, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, street fashion of the 1960s and the punk and the clubbing scenes are all represented. I’d say it’s a must have for fashion students, historians of dress and lovers of men’s clothes. The book came out a few weeks ago via Laurence King Publishers.

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