17 Sep
So how do I nominate Dov Charney for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Ad_Vice Italy 281007.ai

You have to hand it to Dov Charney — the guy knows how to sell tshirts. Homeboy’s made a fortune selling the same v-necks and tights you can buy at any swap meet, but he’s mastered the age-old formula of associating your product with hot, half-naked chicks and, Presto blammo! your shit is flying off the shelves. Genius! Sure, so he’s sexually harassed a couple dozen of his female employees, and maybe even assaulted one or two, but really — who hasn’t?!

StyleCrave has assembled the The 50 Sluttiest American Apparel Ads of All Time and man are there some doozies in there. Thanks to my extensive Vice collection, I’ve cried myself to sleep with seen most of these already. But for those who haven’t, enjoy!

You, Mr. Charney, are an American Hero…

(Has any essay or polemic ever nailed him on the head more appropriately than this video?)

Ad_Vice France 180907.ai

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