15 Sep
Colliding 2 joys of my youth in one glorious moment


This is one of those things that is so awesome it makes my head spin in befuddlement, making me wonder how something so utterly superlative was not thought of before…especially by me. Combining two of the greatest joys in my youth — action figures and video game arcades — into one toy. I must have. Thanks to Justin Whitlock, I can. He designed these Custom Arcade Cabinets for tradtional 3.75″ GI Joe or Star Wars action figures for $20. $20! I paid more for 2 Jack n Cokes at a dive bar last Friday, and that was 45 minutes of fun. How can I deny Stormshadow or Boba Fett a lifetime of plastic heaven battle-axing ghosts in a Gauntlet labyrinth for less than that??? I would be a most selfish and dickhead Master. No Justin, you better stash like 5 cabinets of Dragon’s Lair away, I’m about to have All-Bounty Hunter Round-Robin Tourney this weekend… bring your sack o’ quarters…

The best part? Jason’s motto: “There is no charge for awesomeness”

Apparently there is my friend, and that charge is $20…

Full list of Games and Prices, and Instructions on how to order, after the Jump…

Stumbling across this scene below would have been the greatest moment of my youth…second maybe to finding the Mos Eisley Cantina, that is…



Pac-Man     $20.00
Ms. Pac-Man     $20.00
Galaga     $20.00
Tempest     $20.00
Gravatar     $22.00
Robotron     $20.00
Defender     $22.00
Dragon’s Lair     $25.00
Gauntlet     $25.00
Donkey Kong     $25.00


Flat rate, no tax

These prices are for the assembled cabinets, the stickers and application of stickers is free. The above prices include shipping (free). Outside USA orders will have to pay for shipping… sorry. : (

Make payment via PAYPAL to t34bag [at] gmail [dot] com

Once payment is received, construction will begin immediately.

Others may be in front of you on ordering so please give me time to make it. I can have it done usually in 4 days PER CAB.

Please feel free to order anytime and email me with any questions.


Justin Whitlock
“There is no charge for awesomeness”

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