15 Sep
Monster pretty much slapped it on their competitor’s chin with these


I had the chance a few days ago to put a pair of these headphones on during Fashion’s Night Out here in LA. I heard of these before but never really paid much attention. Headphones that are being marketed with superior sound quality while being pushed to the fashionably trendy set definitely leaves me a bit skeptical about the novelty factor. How great could they really be…it just reeks of gimmick. If you’ve ever put a pair of Skull Candy headphones on you know exactly what I’m talking about. Pure crap. But hey, they look nice.

Monster pretty much slapped it on their competitor’s chin with these; they’re literally the best sounding headphones I’ve had around my head. No BS. If producers spend countless hours fine-tuning and mixing music to get it exactly how they’d like you to hear it why waste time with crap that’s not going to accurately reproduce the intricacies from the studio session. 3 bills for a pair of headphones ($299.95 to be exact) might seem like a lot of money, but if you’re serious about your music…these are definitely a sound investment. I’m saving my pennies right now. More info here.

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  1. Nivek Nonnah says:

    These are fresh. I really dig the design (And I am a picky design whore). Sound is super fucking important though and when you trying to make beats and lay tracks in your bedroom late at night with your girl near you, you want good headphones that isolate sound as not to wake her, but deliver rich tones at low volume, I wonder how it does in this category… Equally important is it’s ability to block out her whiny voice telling you to “Come to Beeeeeed” when you do wake her up. (Usually by farting).

    So I totally see where LIAS is coming from being skeptical of things that put form before function, but after their review, I think I will check them out as I currently have an open spot for a good set.

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  4. drdrebeats says:

    Dr Dre Beats is like god to music lovers! Really enjoy the great sound!

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