30 Sep
Experimental noise meets industrial drone meets classic Throbbing Gristle melodies and rhythms


If you haven’t played around with the Buddha Machine, the palm-sized ambient loop player, there’s no better time than right now—especially if you’re a Throbbing Gristle fan. Industrial Records Ltd, TG and Christiaan Virant teamed up for the latest edition, Gristleism. Part industrial sound machine, part noise instrument Gristleism features thirteen original Throbbing Gristle loops. It has more loops and almost twice the frequency range of the Buddha Machine too. The player comes in three colors: black, chrome and red and in two different versions: the standard issue (shown above) and collectible Badged Limited-Edition. Both versions are packaged in a “Chinese paper-cut” wrapping, featuring a repeating TG logo pattern, foil embossing and UV ink. The standard version will be available in December 2009, while the Badged Limited-Edition, featuring an enamel Gristleism badge on the casing and an exclusive card of Gristleism’s, will be available late November exclusively from the Throbbing Gristle webstore. Only 600 of the Badged Limited-Edition will be produced. If you’re really a freak about this, a Boxed-Set of all three Gristleism units in the three colors will be available through the Throbbing Gristle webstore. This special 3-unit Tri-Color Limited-Edition is presented in a bespoke silk covered, logo embroidered, three-compartment box and comes with an exclusive “numbered certificate of authentication”, a card of Gristleism’s and a Gristleism enamel pin badge. Only 100 of the Tri-Color Limited-Edition box will be produced. The Badged Limited-Edition and Tri-Color Limited-Edition box can be reserved by pre-order right now from the Gristleism site. Hours of fun for only two AA batteries.

Track List:
01 – Persuasion
02 – Hamburger Lady
03 – Twenty Jazz Funk Greats
04 – Thank You Brian
05 – Maggot Death
06 – Rabbit Snare
07 – Lyre Liar
08 – Wimpy bar
09 – Sex String Theory
10 – Heathen Earth
11 – Industrial Intro
12 – R & D
13 – After After Cease To Exist

And because I’m in a Throbbing Gristle mood now, here are a few tracks. Hope you enjoy the sounds…


20 Jazz Funk Greats


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