Reading through Ji Young Shon’s bio kinda makes me feel like a slouch. Right now she’s attending the Royal College of Art in London. Before she left her country of Korea to go to art school, she received a degree in physics and Computer Information and Electronic Engineering and worked at a molecular biology lab at the National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology. There were also stints as a musician, and a trend and research marketer. Now she’s applying all those past experiences to what you see here. And I see it in the work. And the best part about all these things, they aren’t just concepts…shit is available now.

Stand U light (shown above)
I like how this says F off to conventional lamp design by chopping it into four pieces whiling saving space and material in the process. And it wins in the aesthetics department too.


The Shadow of Time Clock: If you need pinpoint accuracy, you’re life is too hectic. Stop letting your clock push you around. I like how this plays on a sunrise and sunset vibe.


Pinch Me Light: Control your light by physical activity. The cover is made from silicone rubber. You adjust the light’s intensity by pinching the rubber.


Crack Me light: Same concept as the Pinch Me light only you need to crack through the skin to get to the light source. Choose how to bust it up and choose your style.


Tear Me light: More than 20 layers of paper were glued together to make the shell on this lamp. As you can see you need to tear your way though. Great way to replace the conventional and very boring dimmer switch.

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