22 Sep
When aren’t extremes interesting?


Anything in this world that makes you look twice is a treat in my book. When aren’t extremes interesting, whether it’s making fun of stupid shit or flexing intellectual prowess, it’s inspiring any way you slice it. This bike is about as noticeable as it gets. Almost as much as when you first saw one of those go-cart height, 3 wheeler bikes that you peddle by hand, roll by. That shit was funny as hell, now they’re all over the place. I doubt this’ll ever catch on like those things did, but I like the way Olli Erkkilä thinks. He made this for his graduation project for the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland. This isn’t the only double-taker he’s responsible for. Peep his highfalutin eye catcher, the “Ordinary” bicycle. His “Kosmos” fixie looks fast as hell, almost like a gust of wind itself.  His “Offroad” fixie is like the two-wheeled version of a jacked up El Camino. Completely different consumer, though…


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