25 Sep
World Class bikes and photography tomorrow night in Costa Mesa, CA


Tomorrow night, Saturday Sept 26, Comune presents Karlson Tea Party at their Cost Mesa headquarters. Select motorcycles chosen for their historic importance and/or design excellence will be on display, as well as photographery by Adam Wright. Wright’s known for using a single lens Leica with no flash to capture all his images, a downright Dogme 95 ethos to picture taking (see pic above).

The exhibition is curated by Nelson Kanno, a contributor for Church of Choppers, and includes bikes by Shinya Kimura (founder of the ZERO Style), Brawny Built, Trevelen, Chopper Dave, JoMo and Lossa Engineering.

COMUNE is located at 2139 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. (949.574.9142)

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