11 Sep
Grand Star Jazz Club Here We Come


UPDATE: We’re reposting this up at the tippity to remind y’all where to head this Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!

Like a lot of people, I’ve had to cut back on non-essential shit as of late. So I eat out less, take a flask to the club, skip a few movies or something like that—it’s really not that big of a deal. The one thing that blows, though, having to cut back on record store visits. I’ve actually gone to Amoeba a few times just to flip through the vinyl. I didn’t even have plans to buy and it still way more fun than scrolling through my iPod. I’m definitely hitting the Grand Star Jazz Club next Sunday. Never been to a record swap meet, but it sounds dope as hell. It’s basically a bunch of collectors and vendors from the LA area coming together for one day. They made a little commercial for the event and it makes it seem a little hip-hop centric, but according to the flyer a wide selection of genres are up for grabs: disco, funk, jazz, punk, reggae, soul, blues, rock and world beats and. 12-inches and 45s. And if you bring some canned food they’ll let you in for free.

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