17 Sep
A place to play with letters


I’ve got a personal infatuation for fonts and letters. It comes from a fan-boy point of view, not from a designer one. I just discovered the letterPLAYGROUD site, which is run by artist, illustrator and designer Nate Williams, aka Alexander Blue. Dude has worked extensively in various facets of the illustration industry with a wide variety of clients: Converse, MSN, Urban Outfitters, Nick JR., New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dell, Wired, Cartoon Network, Microsoft, Sutter Home, Harper Collins, V2 Records, Starburst and Chiat Day to name a few. Needless to say he’s got talent, but letterPLAYGROUD isn’t a platform to showcase his own work—it’s a communal thing for fans and designers alike. Registration is free, so why not check it out.

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