10 Sep
Is everyone huffing paint or something?


The streetwear market has basically turned into one big pile of moronic poo. If you like this, I’m looking at you. Which is to say, it’s really no ones fault except the consumers. Of course Coke and Neighborhood want to get into your wallets. If I could sell you a penny for a quarter why the hell wouldn’t I? All you have to do is stop buying into the BS being slung at you. It’s really that simple people. The entire scene seems to be one big over hyped collaboration after another. Luckily I see the end in sight and I think it’s staring at me right here. There have been some really stupid collaborations, especially in the last couple of years, but this has got to be one of the most pointless to date. WTF does Coke and Neighborhood have in common? Is everyone huffing paint? Am I missing out on something dope here? I don’t think so…


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