23 Sep
Why is Obama trying to reform Healthcare when insurance companies are doing just fine making billions of dollars in profits?


This health care debate is pretty stupid in my eyes. Whoever thinks we don’t need a major overhaul has either A) never had a person close to them get sick; B) the money to cover the bills that will inevitably pile up; or C) been so far duped by the Insurance Company propaganda machine (aka FoxNews, aka Republican party, aka Nailin’ Palin) that they don’t realize everyone will be helped by this. (Death Panels? Really?) I’m not minimizing the financial impact of having a public option, but where was this Republican cry for financial thrift when W and Cheney were calling us into a voluntary war in Iraq? I say if we have money to bomb the daylights out of another country (nevermind send our troops with inadequate armor and armored Hummers, I might add), then I think we can find the money to insure every last child in the US. Call me crazy.

But sometimes, as Jon Stewart (and the peerless Onion at one point) often illustrates, humor can underscore a point with 100x the impact and salience of a cogent, well worded argument. Because, as Stephen Colbert notes, “Facts can change. My opinion can’t.” I think this Insurance Company PSA does a satisfactory job of making that point…

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