4 Sep
One The Beat Generations Most Culturally, Historically, and Aesthetically Significant films


Lost In A Supermarket statistics tells me that all lot of you readers out there like to fuck off a bit on Friday and surf the web. I know this cuz our traffic goes way up. Who cares what mainstream American values say about such behavior. I say push the boundaries of acceptability and reject the notion. If you’re with me on that, here’s a treat for ya—a 1959 short film about the beat generation. You know, folks like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs that came to prominence in the 1950s. Kick back and enjoy this culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant film Pull My Daisy. It was directed by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie and was adapted by Jack Kerouac from the third act of a stage play he never finished entitled “Beat Generation”. Stars in the film include Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Larry Rivers, Peter Orlovsky, David Amram, Richard Bellamy, Alice Neel, Sally Gross and Pablo Frank, Robert Frank’s then-infant son. Kerouac even plays narrator.

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