24 Sep
Observations of recessions


Thanks to our girl Marianne Renoir, who did her work on time but suffered cos we were late (or rather, Lost). No worries, her upcoming reviews for Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks will run on time! We promise Renoir!

Fashion Week in NY the past week was, in my opinion, a bit disappointing. While it’s understandable that we are in times of recession, and many see it as tacky to go over the top or take too much pleasure, NYFW took that a little too much to heart. For the most part, the colors either understated/stale or garish. Carolina Herrera had a mini series of tangerine hued ensembles, which was just about as bad as some of the light blues- from Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs to Herve Leger.

Marc Jacobs


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Outside of the clothing, tech was big this year for NYFW. Vivienne Tam had models carrying netbooks by HP. Julia Allison was live streaming from shows for NonSociety. Tech wise it was a great season, as shows were available for the world to see via the internet within mere hours (or live).

As far as the actual collections are concerned, there were a few highlights amongst the low hemlines and messy construction:

Proenza Schouler had a acid delight collection that was California-esque with it’s relaxed playfulness.

Proenza Schouler


Rodarte had rock n roll to a ‘T’ with cut out dresses, tribal arm paint, and smokey red and black colors.



Trends notable from this seasons collection include harsh blocks of fabric with breaks of sheer, longer hemlines, the bootie shoes aren’t going anywhere and neither are tights. Makeup wise: less color, more natural-looking or focuses on browns and greys. NYFW if anything else, will hopefully serve as a nice appetizer for Milan Fashion Week (currently running) and Paris Fashion Week coming up in a couple of weeks. Marc Jacobs will be showing his collection for Louis Vuitton, Chanel will hopefully dazzle us, and it goes without saying that Gaultier is a must-see.

Images coutesy of NYmag

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