8 Sep
He Who Sits Longest Wins


I pretty much feel in love with Finland when I first learned about the Air Guitar World Championship. Any nation that stands behind such a ridiculously beautiful activity is all right in my book. The country is pretty much known for going way beyond the boundaries of unusual sports. Lets face it, there’s probably not a lot to do in the most sparsely populated country in the European Union, which could be why the Finns invent some crazy ass games. Entertainment comes in the form of boot throwing, mobile phone throwing, wife carrying, mosquito swatting, avanto (swimming in a frozen lake), gold panning, swamp soccer and the stamina and agility busting World Championship of sitting in a sauna. One simple rule: He who sits longest, wins.  For the last four years Timo Kaukonen, a man hailing from the Northern deep forests of Finland, has turned into a local hero because he can sit In temperatures up to 140 degrees Centigrade longer than other fools. Fellow countryman and director Thomas Hilland turned the unusual sport into a short documentary for the London based production company Partizan titled Sweat.

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  1. Gotta love Finland :)

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