14 Sep
Conventional Is So Boring


Crispin Jones is the talent behind Mr. Jones Watches. Each of his designs is limited to 100 pieces and by the look of the site they sell out rather quick. This one, The Cyclops, is definitely one of my favorites. I like the un-conventional method to display the hour, minute and second hands. Rather than a normal hand passing around the dial, different colored circles represent the hours and the time is indicated as the black circle passes over each colored circle. See chart below. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily make for the most accurate time telling device, but given how hectic life can be there’s something rather nice about a watch that constantly reminds you not to freak out over a few minutes.

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Jones, definitely hit up the site… all his watches not only look great but have a unique concept behind them.


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  1. Nice looking blog. Which template are you using?

  2. […] been fans of Mr. Jones’ creations for quite awhile now, posting his Cyclops, All Around the World and Last Laugh timepieces in the past. Now the designer Crispin Jones has […]

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