10 Sep
The money you put in is the money you take out


This is definitely one of those “why I didn’t I think of this first” ideas. Who hasn’t laughed at the thought of people hiding valuables in their mattress? And I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust the banks. I’m sure those banking bastards, if given the chance, would clean that $30 in my checking account out as quickly, and quietly, as possible. Slippery fucks.

Props to the folks behind The Mattress Wallet… Given our current economic crisis, the Mattress Wallet is a helluva lot less risky than the stock market. And it’s more portable than your mattress at home. Seems like a win win to me. I really like how they paid attention to the details too. The puffy quilting is dope, the satin trim is a nice touch and the fact that they included the ubiquitous warning tag makes it all the more better. The wallet even comes packaged with some sage advice on money, including comparison graphs showing the Mattress Wallet vs. the Stock Market, and The Mattress Wallet vs. a Traditional Ponzi Scheme, The Mattress Wallet vs. Tortillas. Brilliant stuff, indeed.

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