Love Opening Ceremony. Don’t love it enough to pursue a life of crime, though. Too bad victimless crimes don’t put money back into your wallet. That’d be sweet. If there were a way to work that out, Open Ceremony would totally be one of my favorite places to spend money in LA. It still is the spot, just can’t afford shit. If I could, I’d be all over this collaboration with Spike Jonze and Where the Wild Things Are. I must say all 12 looks are pretty damn amazing. They’ll definitely make you blink more than once. What I really like about the whole collection is the fact that everything is wearable. They could have gone the way over the top route working with a theme like this. Granted, I only know one person that would feel comfortable wearing the Max Suit, but I do know someone. Just because the couture Underoos vibe is dope too—no special occasion necessary. The “K.W. Fitted Dress” is shown above/below.


Make the jump to see the other pieces in the collection…

Max Lined Parka


K.W. Boxy Coat


Judith Outdoor Vest


Ira T-shirt Dress


Ira Full Skirt


Douglas Military Jacket


Carol Flare Coat


Ira Military Jacket


Bull Shawl Jacket


Alexander Mini Skirt


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