Speakers like this never sound great, but I do like the look of this one. I’m sure the fact that the wood used was from a speaker cabinetmaker does little to improve the sound. The speakers are a collaboration by Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh and Malmiya furniture manufacturer in Shizuoka, Japan. There’s a stereo mini-plug, and AC adaptor inside the bag so you can hook up a MP3 player, CD player, personal computer, etc. If you’re interested, you can pick it up here.

Check this out too, an art project Yoshihiko Satoh made from a speaker. It pretty much sums up what the man does, he “takes mass-produced goods that have become part of our every day life, enlarges and/or multiplies them, creating sculptures that unleash the energy residing in their function and shape.” Damn… if that thing worked my neighbors would hate my ass.

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