21 Oct
Secret Agents + Stir Fridays = Just the Tip


If Archer maintains being half as funny as its pilot, it’s gonna be perma-locked into my Tivo. Created by Adam Reed of Sealab 2021 fame, the show follows the exploits of the self-absorbed, narcisistic secret agent Sterling Archer who seems to survive on a shaky diet of lascivious ignorance and nepotism alone (his mom is the chief). Featuring Jon Benjamin — who voices a bunch of unmissable shows on Adult Swim (Satan on Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil, the coach in Home Movies, Mothmonsterman and various creatures on Aqua Teen Hungerforce…you get the picture) — Archer also hinges on the talents of the awesome Aisha Tyler (where’s she been?) and Chris Parnell. If you got 20 minutes to kill, don’t miss it.

Click HERE to watch the full pilot of Archer (embed unavailable), which will begin its series run on FX in January 2010. Promo below, longer clip after the Jump…

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