20 Oct
Tree tumors turned into turntables


Joel Scilley makes some unique turntables, indeed. His company is called Audiowood. Most of his designs are made using Burl wood, a quick growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. It’s like a tree tumor. It’s usually from some sort of environmental stress or damage often caused by a fungal or insect attack. Artists like using it because of the rad shapes, ring patterns and unique character. Anywho, Joel Scilley is a carpenter by trade but also happens to have a MA in cultural studies (Carnegie Mellon) and a PhD in media studies (Pitt). Show off. But he kinda has reason to puff up his chest, these are some great looking pieces.  Construction wise, you’ll find Origin Live DC motor controllers and quality bearings. In fact most of his tables are designed with spacing for Origin Live/Rega arms, but custom tables can be fitted with any arm desired. In the near future he hope to be producing tables with his own platter design incorporating the excellent Teres bearing design. Only one real question, how to they sound?

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