23 Oct
January Jones GQ Photoshoot Outtakes


Happy Friday everyone! In celebration of the upcoming weekend we bring you some outtakes of the Terry Richardson-shot January Jones photo gallery which GQ just updated on their site today. How were these the outtakes, I ask you?! Now, the Madman isn’t really that big on blondes, but he was lucky enough to meet Ms. Jones at an Emmy party this year and let me say that, well, she’s mighty easy on the eyes. Plus, I know most people hate on Betty Draper but I dig homegirl. I don’t really quite remember meeting her, all I recall is stammering something about how her name sounds like a playmate, punching myself in the groin, and then running into a corner and bawling like a schoolgirl. Weird, right?

Sure, normally we don’t post just pics of hot girls in underoos (ok, maybe sometimes), but I figured since we’re obsessed with all things Mad Men I’d make an exception for our fine readers. I do it for the art, people, I do it for the art…


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