20 Oct
Some folks seem pretty inspired to do great things. Others don’t seem to be setting the bar too high.


The Before I Die I Want To… project comes from the brains of Nicole Kenney (Brooklyn, NY) and KS Rives (Chicago, IL). Not sure how long the duo has been working on this project, but it seems like they’ve been at it for a while—considering all the places they’ve hit up so far. I’d say around a year. How long has it been since Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came up with their bucket lists? The process is pretty simple, Nicole and KS travel the world with their Polaroid cameras taking portraits of the people the encounter. After they get their shot, the subjects are asked to write down what they’d like to do before they die. It’s a little overwhelming reading through what everyone wants to do before they depart this world. And really interesting when you soak in how some people seem more aware of their mortality than others. The meat of this project is to inspire some passion in life. Make folks ponder what’s really important in this world. I’m down with the idea of that. Some of the people seem pretty inspired to do great things in this world, or at least really interesting stuff before they bounce. But then there a few with that aren’t really setting the bar too high. Pathetic low, actually. One dude wants to be the 30th best tennis player in the world. I’m a realistic person and all, but if I’m wishing and shit I would have at least aim for like 5th best. Someone else wants to eat a tarantula. Really? WTF? Another person’s dream is to get a job. Not a specific job mind you; for all I know they’d be completely content pursuing a career in the custodial arts. It can’t be that difficult for one to become a janitor, could it? Keep in mind this is someone from America (this project is international), not someone in a 3rd world country where aspirations like this would make total sense. Speaking of things that make no sense, another citizen of the world actually wrote down that their wish in life before they die is to put practical ideas into action. Can you imagine going through life where everything you do is founded on a completely unworkable idea?

If you’re really into what these two have come up with, they released the project in book form. You can pick one up now for $29.95 through Blurb.

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  1. Robert says:

    Before I die I want to achieve and maintain a positive life balance, to ensure I put more into life than I take from it ie. have as much fun as possible while causing the least amount of harm possible.

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