16 Oct
LA's Best Techno party turns 7...and celebrates the only way they know how


If you’re like me, then you’re totally stoked for this weekend. What’s going on? I’ll tell you. Droid Behavior, purveyors of all things techno, is having its Seven Year Anniversary party this Saturday (October 17th) in Los Angeles. Home to one of the strongest underground techno scenes in the US, Los Angeles owes a debt to Droid for consistently bringing the heat — and this month is no exception, with the inimitable Kid 606 and hard-as-fuck Chris Liebing taking center stage (don’t sleep on Glitch Mob captain edIT either, dude is bad ass). Never using the same location twice, and putting serious attention on visuals and production details, it’s pretty obvious why these guys are 7 years strong. It will be a banger.

We tapped one of the founders of Droid Behavior, Vidal Vargas (one-half of the group Acid Circus) to get the low down on this weekend’s festivities:

What makes this party special?
Chris Liebing, Kid 606… and BIG HANDS

Will this be your biggest party to date?
We hope so, although all the Anniversary shows have been pretty epic. In 2006 we had Speedy J in an abandoned airplane hanger, 2007 we got “explosive” and last year our venue was busting at the seams with bodies. We can only expect more of the same this weekend.

Continue with Q&A, plus all the details (set times, hours, address, etc), after the Jump…

For people who love dance music, electronic music, why should they attend this party?
Everything about this event will be unique. Both headliners are highly respected and well-established world class acts that rarely perform in Los Angeles. This will be one of few opportunities to see them play in a completely uninhibited environment. Our production team is constructing new installations specifically for this event. Our visualists have also prepared never before seen content for Interface. Everything is done with the principles of high tech music and experience in mind.

Do you have any surprises in store that you could share with us?
New Droid swag.

How has the scope changed from your first party?

Bigger Better Harder Faster Stronger

Do you think you’ve gotten a lot better at hosting events?
We have become more elaborate in our production values but i think we still retain the same personable attitude we started with in 2002 when our events only spanned 60 people.

Are the events used to showcase your music and drive the label?
The events are definitely intended to showcase the Droid recording label in many ways. We also work closely with performers who contribute to the record label as artists, remixers, supporters, etc. Many of the guest performers at our events have a mutual respect for the music we release on and ask us to participate in their own music projects from time to time. There are times where also just book artists solely on the fact we are huge fans. When that is the case, we schedule around tours.

What would need to happen for you to consider this event a success?
Good music from 10pm-8am. I think we just might achieve this.

Do you really eat, shit, and sleep techno? What else do you eat, shit, and sleep to? Do the soothing sounds of Enya put you to bed?
Yes we really do. Droid Behavior has become a lifestyle and career, not just a hobby. Musically we are all pretty diverse. I personally calm out to Mobb Deep – up north trip.


Saturday October 17th, 2009

Droid Behavior presents


10pm – 8am 21+
directions at 8pm SATURDAY @ 323.743.8419


1000-1200 BICKLE
1200-0100 ACID CIRCUS
0400-0500 DRUMCELL
0500-0630 M.GERVAIS VS JP


1000-1130 JOHN VON
1130-1220 EEZIR
1220-0110 DERU
0110-0210 EDIT
0210-0310 KID 606
0310-0400 DM VS BASECK

visuals by: CPU + CELL + DM + guests

Limited $17 presales available HERE.

DOOR PRICE: $20 until 12am / $25 after

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