5 Oct
The last 10 minutes of the crappiest movie you'll never see


This has nothing to do with the image above, but I figured if it involves Fantastic Four we might as well look at peak-form Jessica Alba. The video below is the last 10 minutes of the lost Fantastic Four “film” that was never released…and for good fucking reason. Yes it’s old (1994), but keep in mind that’s still 3 years after Terminator 2 came out and one year after Jurassic Park, for chrissakes, so there’s absolutely no excuse for special effects (nor acting) this crappy. This looks like it was made in the parking lot of a Best Western with a camcorder and closet full of spandex. And what exactly is up with Doctor Doom’s hand gestures? What is he, a hand model? My goodness, thank god Marvel got its shit together and started putting stuff out like X-Men.

Really, this one’s strictly for the comic nerds. Hit the Jump if you want to see the trailer for this cinematic abortion…

Thanks to Stabone for this one — flame on buddy!

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  1. Viranda says:

    damn… and I thought the movie that DID come out blew…

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