12 Oct
And you too since it’s a public spectacle thing


I’ve never had the opportunity to hit up one of Improv Everywhere’s chaotic get-togethers but I’d so be there I could. What’s not to like about rounding up a gaggle of people, make them all wear blue polo shirts and khakis, and send them into a Best Buy just to be friendly and helpful to random people shopping at the store? Or getting a few hundred people into Home Depot at the same time to move in slow motion and have everyone freeze at the exact time for 5 minutes and just walk out of the store after that like no big deal. Or staging a spontaneous food court musical at a shopping mall. Or sending a bunch of shirtless men, of all shapes and sizes, into an Abercrombie and Fitch store. Or their latest nonsensical adventure, “Invisible Dogs” where they got 2000 people to walk invisible dogs down the streets of Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon. How great would it be to see thousands of people of all ages very seriously walking their very silly invisible dogs. The world definitely could use more pranksters like these folks right here.

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