28 Oct
Perhaps the best flask stash ever


The Julian Scarf is one of those fusion inventions like the Spork that seem so obvious you marvel no one’s come up with it before (ok, the Spork’s been around since the late 1800’s but you get the picture). Except unlike the spork, this invention actually works — the best of both sources instead of the worst. It’s also got a good back story:

“Last winter, Kristen and Sarah were at a club in downtown New York (They’re still not sure why). The coat check was expensive and the dance floor was hot and sweaty, so Kristen stashed her jacket in a dark corner somewhere in the vicinity of the DJ booth, praying nothing would be stolen out of the pockets, while Sarah kept accidentally whacking people on the dance floor with her gigantic purse. Determined to avoid this in the future, Kristen designed a scarf that functioned as a small tote so that someone could shed his or her coat or bag but still keep valuable items safe and close.  Thus, the Julian Scarf was born.”

Available for only $30, altho the first run is sold out — order here for their second batch…


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