20 Oct
Now all you need to do is bang your kid's school teacher


In the Could’ve Seen This Coming From a Mile Away category, Brooks Brothers got the nod to release the official Mad Men suit, and it’s about time. Everyone from Banana Republic to Lids to Hot Dog On a Stick has been dressing their window displays with Mad Men-like suits, so it’s about time someone did it correct. Designed by Emmy-nominated costume designer Katherine Jane Bryant (the sorta-unsung hero of the show, along with guys like production designer Dan Bishop and original DP and now-director Phil Abraham) and manufactured by the inimitable Bros Brooks, this is the real deal not a China-made Gap hackjob.

There will only be 250 of these grey slim-cut sharkskin suits made, at the actually reasonably price of $1,000 — not bad at all. Now all you need to do to complete your Draper look is to scornfully cut down on gays and have an affair with your kid’s school teacher. Get to work, you lazy homos!


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