23 Oct
Improve your hearing or look like a total douche?


We don’t expect to have the same job all our lives anymore. We also don’t expect to be married to the same person all our lives, if we get married at all. But when it comes to our bodies, we’re much more comfortable with the notion of permanence these days. We get a butterfly tattoo on our lower back with no mind to how it will look once we’re getting sponge bathed in the nursing home. On we trod with ever more elaborate tattoos, breast augmentations and other body modifications. One of the latest pseudo-trends is “music faun” ear surgery, which permanently transforms you into a Mr. Spock impersonator or a Lord of the Rings extra. I call it a pseudo-trend because the site calls it a “newfangled extravagance,” a phrase which hasn’t been used since ointments were hawked out of the backs of wagons at the turn of the twentieth century. Real popularity may be an illusion. The site claims celebrities, musicians and models have had the surgery but name no one. Based on the site’s “before” and “after” photos, though, at least five people have decided that improving their hearing is worth looking like a total douche. Make the jump to see the images…music-faun-2

3 Responses to “Music Faun”

  1. Auriette says:

    At least 18 years ago, I said to a friend of mine that I was surprised some devoted Star Trek fan hadn’t had plastic surgery to get Spock ears. She said a plastic surgeon would never perform a procedure like that. I argued that maybe some plastic surgeons would turn down the job, but that someone out there would take the job. With the right haircut, the ears wouldn’t be overly obtrusive. But does it help them hear any better?

  2. Though they were at first considered socially unsuitable for girls, with the range of celebrities that are now sporting intricate tattoos, they are getting more satisfactory and well-liked for women. Of course most girls want to go with a feminine design which will add a beautiful touch to their body.

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