22 Oct
Making Green Attractive


Peugeot is attempting to tackle the problems of urban transportation with the BB1, a fully electric car that infuses ergonomic traits from its 2-wheeled cousins. Motorcycle-like handlebars substitute for a steering wheel, which opens up the floor from gas and brake pedals. At 8 ft long it is Smartcar size yet seats 4 adults, tackling interior space issues by moving the 2 electric motors into each rear wheel, and seating the driver in a more vertical position — another motorcycle-influenced idea.

Additionally, the car’s lithium-ion batteries are placed under the rear passenger seats, and are recharged by an field of flexible solar panels (developed in conjunction with the Ocean Vital Foundation) mounted on the BB1’s double bubble roof. Best of all, they came up with a beautiful promo clip for the BB1 below. A complete package — I wonder if it’ll ever see the light of day…?

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