7 Oct
Who knew tasty salted pig parts could be so many things?


Three years in the making, this bundle of joy is all about pigs and the products made from pigs. And when I say all, I mean all. Literally. Christien Meindertsma takes you on a journey. Until now, I had no idea that things like ammunition, medicine, photo paper, brakes, chewing gum, porcelain, cosmetics, cigarettes, conditioner and even bio diesel are made from tasty salted pig parts. The book, in an almost surgical way, dissects the pig in the pages of the book, which makes for one startling photo book where all the products are shown at their true scale (1:1). Deviant, genius and yummy.

[Ed. Pigs rule. U shouldn’t eat them. I mean, have you seen these awesome guys? – M. Mundt]


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