28 Oct
Online Film Festival accepting short and feature submissions now


Never heard of Put It On until a few minutes ago. A buddy of mine sent me some info on this contest/film festival they’re putting on for filmmakers. The site seems like a pretty rad portal if you’re an artist trying to get some recognition in this world, or even make some money with eCommerce. It’s like a gallery / market place, broken up into four basic categories: art/music/fashion/film. They serve up content in 10 languages, and offer 1 free GB of virtual storage space, online chat and the ability to live stream audio and video. Another fact that jumped out: there are no transaction charges when you sell your work or purchase something. And they say that they’re working on a mobile application that will be available across five platforms. There are a few other sites out there for peeps to show and sell their work, but this one seems pretty unique.

Anyway, if you’re a filmmaker this contest sounds like a worthy use of time that could get you some worldwide exposure; if I had such skills I’d so be into this. The contest is in conjunction with the New York Film Academy and they’re accepting entries until December 31, 2009. All types of films are welcome “Except for those that are exclusively pornographic in content or unethical, such as films based on acts of hate,” which seems to make sense. Winners in each category (Best Feature, Best Short and Best Achievement in Acting) will receive a two-tiered prize: a free scholarship to the New York Film Academy and a cash prize of $5,000 USD. If a winner has already attended the New York Film Academy, or another film school, they can opt-out of the scholarship and choose to only receive the cash prize and an alternative award. The second place winners in the best feature film and short film categories will each receive an HD “Pro-sumer” digital video camera.

You can watch all the entries that have been submitted so far on the Pit It On site.

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