9 Oct
MC battling meets haute couture

Anytime you put a bunch of creative people in a room together and pit them against each other, and the clock, it’ll usually make for an interesting encounter. It’s what makes Iron Chef rad. Style Wars does that with fashion designers. The traveling show, a concept by House of Diehl, is coming to a few cities in the coming weeks: New York (Oct 13th) @ Don Hills, San Francisco (Nov. 3rd) @ 111 Minna, Miami (Nov 10th) @ The White Room, Los Angeles (Nov 27th) @ Cinespace and Chicago (Dec 11th) @ Subterranean. Recycled garments and ordinary objects are the raw materials the designers use to create couture looks on the spot. Each of the contestants have 5 minutes to create and dress their models live on stage. Eight designers will be chosen per city for the live shows. If you consider yourself a local Lagerfeld, I think you can still sigh up for the rapid design contest here.

[podcast format=”video”]http://www.lostinasupermarket.com/robsimas/BalloonTunes/SWSAWEB.mov[/podcast]

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